Project Support

Project success by planning security and checklists

A lot of application projects get in distress, if the initial planning stage is running too fast  or is based on vague perceptions.


Questions as:

  • What kind of load will my system be exposed to?
  • Does the web site need to be reachable without downtimes?
  • Do I want to be independent and not bind my company to a service provider?
  • Which kind of setup is really necessary for my companys business model?


will not always treated with as much depth as required and by this, both parties, customer and provider could experience frustration and loss of trust, if the initial statements cannot be fulfilled.



Our approach to a project setup is one which is able to dissolve those kinds of uncertanties.

Even ahead of the  initial system planning, a quicksizing can tell you which dimension of financial means your system will become. By this, realistic expectations are the result.



Parallel to the initial planning and the definition of requirements for the expected business operation, our project support starts by adjusting the right parameters for your IT infrastructure to these requirements. This leads to an early point of clear cost calculation.


Taking agile development sprints as role model, we design your IT landscape in modules, simultaneously to the business planning and combine them by using our reliable checklists and so be able to quickly document and implement the final structure.


The stages plan -> setup may be rerun, if the first setup failes in the initial tests and needs to be renegotiated with you.


Our team is made up of experts in their respective fields, and so we base our work on checklists for all possible landscape modules which come together like pieces of a puzzle to build your IT system with your required focus.


For our customers, the benefit is in the reception of a perfectly balanced setup including an operational manual which documents all configurations and processes. This transparency and security is the base for a now following application management which is independent from our project support and feasible for your own team or any IT service provider.


Of course, if you are convinced of our dedication and quality of work, you may choose from our own pool of modules the exact scope of services you need to run your application.