"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."  (Steve Jobs)

The frequently asked questions of our customers are:

  •  How can I provide a development system?
  • Where should I host my application - in a cloud or is a traditional hoster a better choice?
  • How can I ensure my monitoring? Which conditions do I have to consider?
  • How could I run my deployment? Is there any chance to optimize it?
  • What is Continuous Integration and which requirements should my IT provide for it?

The benefits

  • precise conception of all expected costs for infrastructure and application - already in planning stage
  • infrastructure setup by using checklists offer a fast implementation including an operation manual
  • fixed pricing for individually bookable service modules
  • transparent process of planning and implementation of the project

What we do

We inspect your IT infrastructure- from all processes to the running applications and their basis of hardware components.

For companies with a business focus, we will run the whole Application Management - 24/7. Due to fixed price lists and individually bookable service modules you will have total cost control.

We are independent from any particular hoster, but will provide consulting of which option is useful for your business model. 


The easiest way to contact us is via E-Mail!

We love what we do!

New challenges, every day. 

We believe that every Webshop is a unique interaction of processes, hardware components and software.


Complex systems like these can rarely be patterned; but individual bottlenecks and communication gaps can be detected and afterwards corrected.


Those are the tasks we are fascinated by. With a lot of passion for details, experience and the combination of different skillsets, we are able to optimize your e-commerce project and take over your Application Management, independent from any hoster.


Our particular aspect: We offer absolutely predictable services in a modular system - with full cost control due to fixed price lists.


Your problems of today are our challenge of tomorrow!